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  1. Arranging mowing and maintenance of common ground approximately 10 times a year and/or as needed

  2. Maintaining all insurance policies

  3. Setting up telephone conference calls

  4. Taking minutes at board meetings

  5. Mailing invoices to all members concerning dues

  6. Following up and ensuring that all dues are paid in a timely manner and sending any delinquent dues to an attorney for collection or filing liens on the property.

  7. Depositing all monies collected

  8. Maintaining a Quick Books accounting system so that reports of expenditures and deposits can be made on a quarterly basis or when directed by the board of directors

  9. Paying monthly bills

  10. Setting up a membership database and keeping it current

  11. Updating database as concerns property transfers and new owners

  12. Sending new owners a greeting, bylaws, and covenants

  13. Making sure that tax information is filed in a proper manner

  14. Being available to homeowners to discuss questions or issues concerning covenants and restrictions and/or maintenance and attempting to resolve those issues.

  15. Paying a bookkeeper to reconcile the bank account each month as a check and balance.

  16. Generating estoppals for title companies for owners that are selling.

  17. Ensuring that all Department of Health regulations are followed and maintenance on the septic systems are completed.

  18. Overseeing any repairs that are basic maintenance repairs and giving final approval before payment is made.

  19. Completing the Annual Report to Florida each spring.

  20. Sending information to CPA to have tax forms completed and sending all tax information to IRS.

  21. Responding to any issues arising from properties/assets maintained by the HOA.

  22. Liaison with utility companies if there are any issues with water, sewer or electric.

  23. Answer realtors’ questions concerning HOA and properties.

  24. Organize all AR information received from the owner.  Ensuring it is complete before sending it to the ARC. Tracking progress of AR process.  Contacts with the owner concerning questions of ARC or Board. 

  25. Procuring bids for all projects.

  26. Contacting rental agents of any units which are rented if there is a problem with renters not following HOA rules and policies.

  27. Keeping all insurance policies updated.

  28. Preparing fiscal reports for the board of directors.

  29. Alerting the board to any issues with budget items or repairs exceeding the budget.


The management fees do not include the following items.  These will be billed to the homeowners’ association separately.


  • postage and materials for mailings (to be itemized)

  • lawn maintenance fees

  • telephone conference fees

  • CPA fees (tax preparation and other as needed)

  • long distance calls to owners (if needed)

  • insurance costs

  • other expenses incurred by the homeowners’ association

  • attorney fees (if needed)

  • lien expenses (A $100 charge will be assessed by SBMG to The Association for working with the attorney in preparing liens. The $100 will be charged to the owner and recovered when the owner pays all of their fees.)

  • Special Projects: Special projects are activities that are above the normal maintenance of The Association and not ones listed previously.  The Association will be charged a set hourly rate approved by the board and SBMG.  A time ledger will be kept and filed with the invoice. Each activity will be charged a minimum of 15 minutes. The Board will be made aware that a project would fall under the Special Project category and their approval would be required.  Special Projects would include (not all inclusive):

    • Management of major projects such as reactivation of drainfields, renovations of pool, rewrite of documents, violations of members requiring meetings with the Fine Committee, and road work projects.






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