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Sunset Bay Management Group (SBMG) is a licensed Community Association Management Firm.


SBMG offers full management services from obtaining bids for all maintenance contracts, overseeing all maintenance projects, scheduling all meetings, sending invoices and processing payments to keeping records and answering questions from realtors or prospective owners. 


Through careful management and consistent contact with owners, realtors, banks and investors, Sunset Bay Management Group has assisted the HOA’s that it has managed to retain their value and to have a high rate of fiscal solvency.  Each HOA is overseen by a Board of Directors for The Association, but SBMG allows the owners to relax and enjoy their vacation or retirement home through the services it provides as opposed to spending all of their time and energies running the daily operations of the HOA.


Sunset Bay Management Group has developed this webpage to allow owners and prospective owners an efficient way to view the news and business of their association.


For more information concerning Sunset Bay Management Group contact:


Robyn A. Rennick

(850) 527-4671



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